Submitting your own stories

We here at PC absolutely believe in the cathartic power of storytelling. And although celebrities and politicians and athletes take up most of the airspace, we all have a story to tell. So we want to hear from you.

Send us your story, your confession, your revelation, whatever. Keep the writing clear and tight, but know we will lightly edit for clarity and punctuation, but we will not alter the tone or meaning of the content. And send pics you own as well.

Don’t use naughty words or advocate for some business, charity, or include things like “for more information..” This is a chance to just write out well formed story and have us give it a look over and share it.

If we run it, we will contact you first and make sure everything is good to go before we hit publish. Oh and published material here does go to twitter as well, just sayin.

So if you are out there and need to lay something heavy on us, or something inspiring, get after it. Click contact us in the menu and drop us a line.

Thank you!

William Adkins