letters from Alice, pulp citizen
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Letters from Alice

October 18, 1973


Dear Family,

We are now in the bustling city of Madras – some 4 million that looks like 20 million. We often comment on the masses of humanity here in India. Today we leave for Hyderabad, also a large city.

We are flying again and as much as I really dislike flying I was happy to get on the plane for Madras. Traveling on the bus can never really be described. I wrote someone about our trip up the mountain and back down.

Now, I MUST tell you something which should not get back to Frank*, at least not now. I have become involved in an international romance.

After we left Bangalore I met a Scotsman (pure Scot) who is an engineering consultant for a huge firm located in Manchester, England. He is my age, was a confirmed bachelor, speaks five languages and is quite wealthy.

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