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In this vast media landscape we hope to carve out a little niche. It would seem the rest of the world has the daily news, politics, outrage, fashion, celebrity, humor, adult content, extremism, everything, on lock.

This is not meant to be anything like CNN, HuffPo, Fox, NBC, Drudge, The Sun, The Guardian, or any of the myriad political/news sites. Honestly, we are trying to form a site WE would like to read. Short, absurd at times, uplifting, and occasionally thought provoking. We root for reasonableness, and we hope that comes through, more than anything, in the editorial columns. And laughter. We all need to laugh. This site, as it evolves will surely drift towards the positive, for little other reason than it feels good to feel good.

Like anyone else, we can be wrong. We don’t adhere to dogma, and upon reflection our opinions can evolve over time. But the one tenant we will always adhere to is that of an open, aware, thinking mind. And if you use those same tools and arrive at a different, reasoned, opinion, no harm. I’ll buy you some coffee and we can chat.

Lastly, in time this site will donate a percentage of proceeds to charities supporting cancer and dementia research, treatment and care, for quite personal reasons. When that becomes possible we will keep  public tab open for people to see the good work our readers are doing.

In the meantime share the site, and feel free to email with suggestions. We aim to get better at this every day.

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William Adkins

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