Flaming Jesus


Let me ask you a question. Describe the color red to me.

Can you? Sure you could use descriptive words like hot, or angry, and you might say it’s like orange, except not.

Try it. Explain a color to a friend so that they understand the color. Not the essence of the color, but the actual color. Without referencing other colors, since you would then have to explain each of them. I’ll wait.

Then consider this. There is no way really, to be objectively sure, that the red you see and the red I see are the same. Yes we think we do, since we all have cones, and rods, in our eyes. But our brains interpret the signals from our eyes, and we just assume we all do it the same way. For some people their brains already do not process color, or process it poorly, or can’t see contrast, etc.

So your blue, wait no, yellow, could be different from mine. We do not perceive things as a collective. We do it, even in a crowd of others, alone. Our brain processes are ours alone.

So the Notre Dame Cathedral partially burns. We all saw it right? And the flames were orange, right? Had to be since we think we can talk among ourselves and agree on what we are seeing.

Yet some people think they saw Jesus in the flames.

Now, my first reaction is to mock them. I mean come on. Flames flickering in a giant flame tornado above an 850 year old church can look like a million different things, especially at 30 frames a second. So can puffy clouds. And the devil can appear in the smoke in the World Trade Center attacks.

I mean come on.

But, but… the truth is people see really what they want to see. Jesus in the flames, or not. Immigrants being a bunch of dirty lesser-thans, or not. Ask Amon Bundy. He broke with the militia world, who see an enemy or conspiracy in every corner. (Side bar – quit crying wolf and save the militia stuff for the real wolves, and can you calm down a tad on wearing all the camo? Asking for a friend) The militia world was, uh, not seeing it Amon’s way and he had to bag Facebook. (which is not a bad idea)

We see what we want to see. Or what our brains have been conditioned to believe is real. In this world, everything is relative.

Hell, I can’t even explain the color red to you, much less tell you you DON’T see a flaming, robed Jesus making s’mores.

So how is it even possible for the mass of us to coexist when we all just have our own version of things?

I’ll tell you this – red is red. Blue is blue. Fire is just fire. Jesus is not in the !@$@@%# flames.

Except, to you, maybe he is.

And I can’t prove he’s not.


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