April 10 is National Siblings Day. Because everything has to have a day.

It was actually started as a way to remember deceased siblings, but the idea gained traction and morphed into what it is today. And you knew this right?

Today is the day Will and Harry can argue over who had the better (alleged) affair. I’m kidding! Easy there Royal Family…..

Anyway, about 90 percent of you have a sibling. The other 10 percent were spoiled beyond belief, or left at the front door of a hospital. And then spoiled. Hopefully.

About 10 percent of you view a sibling as your best friend, the other 90 percent need your sibling to step off.

37 pecent of you really can’t stand your sibling’s spouse, 73 percent hate their politics, and 41 percent wish they had a different sibling because you really are wearing us out man.  Ok I might have made those last three up.

In truth, blood is thicker than water, and that maniac across from you at the Thanksgiving table is family. The one headed off to college is family. The one overseas fighting, wishing they were back here, is family.

The one that passed from a childhood disease is family. The one that graduated from college, the one that just made bail, the one thinking of starting a new life, the one with the five kids, the one that never had any – all family.

So love your sibling(s) today. Hug them, call them, tell them how special they are to you.

Tomorrow, you can remind them they owe you money.