Raising Buttigieg


It’s Halftime in America.

Ok, that’s a reference to a Clint Eastwood commercial. Google it.

Anyway, it’s halftime in Trump-land. He’s come out of the locker room, pumped up, baby! Muller couldn’t take him down. 200,000 hand wringing, negative articles couldn’t stop him. 600 days of golf, 400 staffers, 60 different investigations, or something like that, and still he rides, like the biker of the apocalypse, blowing up bunnies for fun. see bottom of post for reference millennials.

This week he has been firing people, and more people, and explaining how our country is full, which is hilarious. And still he rides.

But, somewhere in the midwest, a little chipmunk with a bible and a gun is beginning to stir. And the crowds are beginning to gather, curious about this earnest creature with a husband. Is it possible, that a 37-year-old mayor, a gay/Christian man with a husband named Chasten could, like a brunette hobbit, strike out from his shire and destroy Gollum and retrieve the one true ring of Americanism?

Could a man who is, for the traditional Conservative-Christian world, a paradox of belief and personal life, be the one to destroy Trump?


South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg is a fascinating man. Born to University of Notre Dame professors, a Harvard grad, an ACTUAL Democratic military veteran, earning the rank of lieutenant in the U.S. Navy and doing a short term in Afghanistan, mayor of South Bend by 29, and someone who is quite clear, and comfortable with who he is.

Never needing outside affirmation, unlike the great pumpkin in the White House.

He’s well spoken, quite liberal on certain subjects, say healthcare, DACA, background checks for firearms, etc. In fact on the surface, he is a full stop-NO for most Republicans.


He wears his faith in God on his sleeve. He has repeatedly taken down vice president Pence for selling his moral soul to the devil, so to speak, reminding the VP, several times that the best version of God is one that works in the fields of love, of compassion, of forgiveness, of tolerance; that his homosexuality is not a choice by man, but one made by his Creator.

It’s a clever angle, and honestly one I have never considered.

I’ve always been on the side of science. Your DNA, your genes, the instructions in your chromosomes are the culprits, making you who you are. Not some judgemental god who built you to fail and then have to ask forgiveness.

But then Pete flipped the argument.

So what right? Well the reason this interests me is that here in America, for too long, the Republican, conservative right has hijacked the Christian community. They now bow to a godless heathen in office, a man so utterly without character, so bereft of any decency or humility, or compassion for that matter, that it makes you think that they see no alternative.

Barack, Hillary, Bill, all of them viewed as godless by the religious right. Yet literally every tenant of Christianity flies in the face of the policies and attitudes of the current administration. Were Jesus to show back up today, his first words would probably be, “Jesus Christ people you got it all backwards.”

But for the religious right, they have seen no alternative.

Yet there is this Christian man from the midwest, his rather diminutive shadow growing larger every week.

Could he be enough? Could he be the one that causes those on the right, the spiritual right, to say hold on, let me look a little deeper at this candidate? I mean after all, how could a practicing Christian walk into a voter booth and select Sauron over a man, a gay man (and that tragically matters still to some people), a devout man who speaks openly about his faith. Someone who exemplifies, at least so far, the better angels in people?

It was easy to dismiss other dem candidates in the past. Religion and the left rarely Netflix and chill together. But Pete….

It will be a long two years until election day, but Christian/gay/mayor/millennial Pete Buttigieg is a looming force, and one everyone might want to hear a little more about, or maybe more to the point, pray for.

oh and right, millennials… i give you Raising Arizona …biker reference