Democratic Cannibalism


It’s safe to say Joe Biden will not be the next President of the United States. At this point it’s a reasonable bet Donald Trump will serve a second term.

Now before you throw your coffee at the screen, let’s be clear, we don’t like drifting into politics at 9 am either. But what is happening with the Democratic Party is just fascinating. And I would suspect that most people are simply not paying attention and on January 21, 2021 look up and wonder just what the hell happened.

In May of 2015, Joe Biden’s son, Beau, died at 46, far far too young, from brain cancer. It was not the first tragedy, or loss, for Joe. In 1972 his first wife, Neilia, and 13-month-old daughter, Naomi were killed in a car wreck. Beau was actually in the car, along with his brother Hunter, but they lived.

Since then, Joe has forged a nice political career, representing Delaware in the U. S. Senate from ’73 to ’09 and Vice President under Obama from 2009 to 2017. He’s been working class Joe, a Scranton guy, a Corvette lover, a congenial, modest man with a big smile. Maybe a little wordy, maybe a little bit of common man bs, but overall a decent man.

He would have been the main challenger to Hillary Clinton in 2016 had he decided to run. But losing Beau was a bridge too far, and he stepped aside to be a family man.

And now, not even three years later, he is no longer Scranton Joe. He’s creepy old man Joe. Out of touch Joe. Joe who needs to COME CLEAN about his horrifying behavior.

You think this was done in a vacuum? That it’s just another of the #metoo comeuppances?

Nothing in politics is done without calculus. Nothing.

Now as an aside, maybe that behavior of shoulder grabbing and hair kissing is a bit, well, eww. Not the best look. And the idea that men’s behavior needs to evolve, to be more aware of how a touch, or look, or a power play, can make another person feel is appropriate. We can do better.

But to condemn Biden would condemn millions of older men, and women, who embraced other people with touches, hugs, kisses to faces, all of it. Not saying it’s ok, just that moving the goal posts on a 77 year old man is maybe a little much.

And did it ever cross anyone’s mind that a man who has lost a wife and two children might find his only way forward is to show other people love, affection, joy? You can hug, or you can cry.

So the Democrats will cannibalize their party, wrecking the hopes of candidates one at a time. It’s their specialty.

In 2015, Democratic Party Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz manipulated, or let’s just be clear here, RIGGED the debate schedule and rules to protect Hillary Clinton.

Rigged. Hillary was the choice from the go. Period. Despite polls that showed basically half of the country couldn’t stand her, she was going to be the candidate. And I get it. First female president, carrying on Obama’s mandate. I can see the intended result. And we most assuredly need a female president. At this point, please.

But, while dems were scheming, over in the distance, smoke was billowing up from the Republican Thunderdome. And the dems didn’t notice, or bother to care.

2016 repulblican debates
2016 GOP Debates

Unlike the Donkeys, the GOP went full octagon cage match in 2016. Despite the best efforts of the calculus people on the right, Trump, the misogynistic narcissist bully himself, wandered into the arena and laid waste to the entire process. He came out viewed as THE CANDIDATE for the right. Half of the populace loved him, literally no matter what he said or did, and still do.  Do you hear that dems? Half still love the man.

The viewed him as legitimate, the victor in political combat arena, and they carried him into Rome.

Now you are destroying Joe. Once he is sidelined, you will fall upon the carcass of another, like hyenas baying on the plains.

Your candidate will be fabricated, poll tested, checking all boxes, except possibly the one you need most. The love of the people.

Politics, tragically, is about winning the mob. And if you keep this up, in 2021, the mob will send the lion back to the White House while you bay and cry on the savannah.

I would prefer you just cage match everyone. Seeing Biden, shirtless, with a neck tie wrapped around his head, trying drop kick Cory Booker would be hilarious.

And more honest than the system you currently employ.

Let the PEOPLE DECIDE your candidate Dems.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.