Where is all the good news?


We will just keep this thought short. I just spent an hour looking through every small and midsize town on-line paper I could. Probably 30 cities. You know, middle America, the place were you go to find happy people and sweet stories about regular folks ‘doin good. Or something.

YET, every paper I looked at had, as their main articles, stories about drug use, shootings, wrecks, more drugs, crime, local politicians up to no good. Over and over. To find something uplifting required digging into lifestyle sections, and most of the papers didn’t have those.

They were poorly laid out, owned in many cases by larger corporations that don’t give a flip about the local towns – just ad views, and honestly is was depressing as hell. Yes I know there are other feel good stories out there, but dang, do you have to look so hard?

So i give you the one story I stumbled on.

Fort Wayne, Indiana. Way to go FW. Vietnam veterans were honored at a Veterans Memorial Shrine.

Please, click the link and go there, support local press with your page views.

My father and both uncles served, and I appreciate the community reaching out like that, a lot. But mercy, it’s a handful of men at cheap tables inside a metal shed. Could we possibly get them to a nice dinner at the local Best Western as well? Don’t misunderstand – any gesture is good. But it’s site after site and page after page of bad news, and here we have not just good news, but a good MOMENT, and dammit I want more of those.

fort wayne vietnam veterans
Fort Wayne Vietnam veterans at a Veteran’s Memorial Shrine. wane.com

We need to change the dynamic regarding local news. Enough is enough. That story, however modest, should be 1-A above the fold.

I’m going to do more stories like that. We need them.