“semi-literate primitive monkeys”


Man, I was just going to go to bed, pleased with my little birthday wish in a previous article to JK. Then I goofed and read about Tucker, hang on I might cough, Carlson, the impetuous bow-tied face of white outrage.

And since it’s not possible for me to reach into my own brain and pull out my own synapses in frustration, allow me to make a point.

Carlson went onto Fox News today with all the fire-breathing bravado of a man, a righteous man, under siege from the liberal media over really really really crass comments he made to a shock-jock radio show more than a decade ago.

How is anyone shocked? Appalled, sure.

I mean really, the Fox talking head said Iraq, “is a crappy place filled with a bunch of, you know, semi-literate primitive monkeys — that’s why it wasn’t worth invading.”  Had he said, you know I voted for Obama, well, now that would have been shocking.

So CNN, spare me the outrage. In that very narrow sense, Carlson is right, you guys are out to get him. JUSTIFIABLY. And he just gave you rocks to throw for sure.  But the fact lost on him, and his bosses, is that comments like that are atrocious, even joking. And comments like that, even in jest paint a very clear picture of either how much of a bigot you are, or how completely uninformed you are, or that you have literally no sense of humor, other than the kind that denigrates others. So which is it ?

I mean he might as well have tossed in some minority jokes and a couple of cracks about Helen Keller, for the tasteless trifecta.

But it’s what he said in his Churchill-like defense that makes me just breathe slow and whistle. He explained that this was all a bunch of nothing-monkey-burgerness because the real problem was progressives. Cause gosh, they just want to control what you think. And of course he said that while on a show and a channel DEDICATED to controlling the way you think.

Hang around any die-hard Fox watcher long enough, and I have a few in my family, and they will explain to you how this country is screwed and it’s all Obama’s fault etc, and they will MEAN it. Simply because one channel has pumped a message into the national consciousness for decades, and the seeds have sprouted.

Easy there HuffPo readers, the left is guilty too. You are just not as good at it.

As for Carlson, he should not worry about progressives controlling what HE thinks. We know what he thinks. He thinks Iraqis are a bunch of semi-literate primitive monkeys. Said so himself.

Fine, he was air-quotes joking. But the seeds of that off-color joke were alive in him in 2006 (while he was at MSNBC in a great twist) and rather than a simple explanation as to how it was a poor joke and he has been there many times and has tremendous respect of the place etc etc, he’s just owning it and daring anyone to knock him off his perch. Have you sir no decency?

So anyway, Tucker and CNN are in a spat. Media Matters is the snitch in the background saying, “that’s right..” And I really just need to go to bed.

Besides, none of this matters. The advertisers will be the ones that have their say, one way or another.

So I give you the Fox News on air talent talking to CNN, explaining how they feel about the whole deal.s