The Mystic Participant

***Ever heard of Anne Hutchinson? Rhode Island has..

Bias Review Team! da na na, na na na na, Bias Review Team! Yeah. Fighting for your right to never, ever ever ever be even the tiniest bit triggered! Cause that person over there, that girl Anne, she said something we think is patently offensive and she MUST be hauled up in front of a tribunal! Let’s get to the public shaming! And the paperwork! Let’s do some paperwork!

Now Miss Hutchinson, of Boston, what say you as to the charge of believing in Grace rather than Works, that you think the puritanical teachings of this body are well, wrong, and you have been getting together with your girlfriends to preach and run your mouth? Or that you, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, would LEAVE when we gave sermons?

That’s right missy, you are in deep now.  May I read a statement? Of course I can..

You cannot evade the argument… that filthy sin of the community of women; and all promiscuous and filthy coming together of men and women without distinction or relation of marriage, will necessarily follow. Though I have not heard, neither do I think you have been unfaithful to your Husband in his Marriage Covenant, yet that will follow upon it.[83]

That’s right Anne! You might have an independent thought or two, and you might say something off-color or triggering to ME, which means you will only end up cheating on your husband. And your 10 children, how will they loathe their mother, for basically having a brain.

And man we are going to punish you for opening your mouth Anne. Clerk, read  the sentence.

Forasmuch as you, Mrs. Hutchinson, have highly transgressed and offended… and troubled the Church with your Errors and have drawn away many a poor soul, and have upheld your Revelations; and forasmuch as you have made a Lie…. Therefor in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ… I do cast you out and… deliver you up to Satan… and account you from this time forth to be a heathen and a publican…. I command you in the name of this Church as a Leper to withdraw your self out of the Congregation.[91]

Any comments Anne?

You have no power over my body, neither can you do me any harm….Therefore take heed how you proceed against me—for I know that, for this you go about to do to me, God will ruin you and your posterity and this whole state.[66]

Fine Anne. Anyway, We ban you to Rhode Island!

Take that Ms. Hutchinson.

On March 22, 1638 Anne Hutchinson is expelled from Massachusetts Bay Colony for religious dissent, or having an opinion counter to the college, er church, leadership.

281 years later we are still laying the Judgment Upon Each Other.

It’s absurd.

We must find ways to tolerate each other saying, well, things. Yes we can drift into hate speech and genuine threats, but for the most part most of the stuff that comes out of our mouths is just that – stuff. Yet there is a growing trend on college campuses to persecute even the most off-handed of speech. I’m not talking about Milo showing up to work everyone into a choose-a-side frenzy. There are real security concerns there and genuine discussions as to how far over the line someone can go. Milo was a habitual line stepper.

But the hysteria over even the mildest of comments has created bias review boards. Or put another way, a bunch of offended students gathering to condemn some other student for saying something and then banning them to Rhode Island. I think that is the plan anyway.

The thought police are not actually police. They are just offended. Yet they can do real damage to the lives and futures of fellow students. And were I to be hauled in front of some campus bias group, I might have a few actual words for them. That would get me banned to somewhere past Rhode Island.

and the opening to this little video is just epic…