A Swim With Big Blue

Just when you started a deep ketosis burn, coupled with a bizarre and overly intense workout routine in order to get ready for beach season, comes this extraordinary footage of Marine Biologist (and shark advocate) Ocean Ramsey swimming with a Great White named Deep Blue. Blue was first documented near Mexico 20 years ago. Diver Kimberly Jeffries and Ramsey had the extraordinary encounter with Blue, 20 feet long and the same weight as an three-row SUV, while diving near Oahu.

Maybe Blue, being 50, a grandma, and possibly pregnant again, didn’t really feel the urge to eat the divers. She WAS hungry as they watched her eat off a dead sperm whale carcass in the area (yummy), but maybe the sublime beauty of Ramsey and Jeffries gracefully snorkeling! with her put her at ease. And maybe the rule that the rules are different for beautiful people were in effect. I mean Ramsey is NAMED Ocean. She had no choice but to grow up to be a gorgeous, soft spoken biologist/shark advocate/total embodiment of how all people should look and move in a wet suit. Were I in that water Blue would have torn me to shreds.

What, she was going to be an accountant?

Or it could be we just have fear to blame for much of our interaction with nature. That these creatures are much more complex than we give them credit for, and are worthy of both our respect and our continuing efforts to learn about them.

The footage is extraordinary and worth a watch.

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