184 mph on a Bike. Hell Yes

When I was 12 I gave my father a watch for Father’s Day. It was some Timex or Casio thing. Nothing special other than it was digital, and it had a timer. So when he went to work I grabbed it and used it for downhill speed run timing with my friends. By downhill, I mean our marginally sloped street in from of the house. Well, one thing led to another and on my run my chain came loose, I flipped over the handlebars, crashed, and scraped the watch to infinity. And me. I scraped me to infinity also.

I was probably doing like 15 mph but it felt like 100. Now I see this.

Ok fine, Denise Mueller-Korenek get’s towed up to speed, pedals like hell on a specialized bike in the draft of a freaking dragster, and hits 184 mph. She didn’t say, start from zero and just pedal that fast to Costco. But my god. People, several, have died over the years doing this and if any of you think this is silly, or somehow not a real record or something, you do it.

Well done Denise.

Full WSJ documentary on the run here.